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Disclaimer & Terms of Use Agreement

In this website, every effort is taken to ensure that the information provided by this website is accurate and informative. This pharmacy website is here to give common details about healthcare products & medicines via this site.

The information on this site is not meant to be taken as clinical advice & shouldn’t be taken as the only basis for medical treatment or diagnosis. You can speak to a healthcare professional or other pharmacists if you have any queries.

As accessing or visiting the website indicates acceptance of these T&Cs, please read them carefully and in their entirety. Please refrain from using this website if you disagree with these terms. You agree and accept that you have understood & read all of our T&C conditions by visiting/entering/browsing the website.

If any questions arise in your mind about these terms, you are free to contact Qualibids.com

Product & Prescription

Qualibids.com is an internet pharmacy offering/selling medicines & free prescriptions after analyzing your health condition virtually. Occasionally an online consultation is insufficient to determine your/patient’s general health or the severity of the condition (disease).

It may lead to a prescription or medicine mistake & have unwanted effects on your/patient’s health. For this kind of error, neither qualibids.com nor the website’s owner is liable.

If you face any adverse reactions, overdose, withdrawal symptoms, & other undesired effects from our prescribed medicines, Qualibids.com is not responsible for that. Please take all medication at your responsibility & contact your pharmacist immediately if you notice any adverse reactions to taking a drug provided by the site.

Information & Advice Disclaimer

Our site only offers information, services, material, & data for informational motives. The site owner doesn’t insist on or force you/patients to use the details that appeared on the different site pages in place of medical guidance.

These details might not always be sufficient. Also, using or offering healthcare details on the site doesn’t show a patient-pharmacist relationship to take the place of the services of knowledgeable or skilled doctors/pharmacists.

We generally take most details and suggestions from various clinical & internet research. This is why opinions/tips on the website are not necessarily the opinion of the site owner & do not show the work of his employees.

You don’t need to depend on the details/information available on Qualibids.com. You can’t blame us if you notice any medical or informational mistake by using our information as your complete treatment program. You have to agree with these agreements.

Reservation of Intellectual Property Rights

The site “Qualibids.com” is protected by the copyright laws of the United States. The owner of “Qualibids.com” hereby retains all intellectual property rights.

User age Restrictions

You must be at least 18 years old to use the information/data and site. Children below eighteen years old are not allowed to access the website.

Data Invalidity & Typing mistakes

Additionally, Qualibids.com makes no such claims:

  • The suggestions/data, or opinions provided on the site are entirely valid or accurate & will always be available. If needed, we can change or update them.
  • The information provided on Qualibids.com is precise, complete, current, & generally relevant in all cases. Our motive is not to deceive our audience; we don’t pretend to be flawless. There may be some typing errors as well.

As we have already mentioned, all details/suggestions available on our site are collected from various research and internet sources done by our healthcare specialists.

Qualibids.com doesn’t endorse or promote any third-party (existing products) on our site or from other platforms. Any action you take or service that customers utilize is at their own risk. We don’t take any responsibility for any medication or health-related issues.