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 Q 1. What details are must for placing an order?

We require the following information from the consumer to deliver their orders efficiently and safely to your destination. To begin, we need customers’ complete addresses as well as a few personal details (Name, mobile number, email address)

The credit card number is also required if our consumer pays with a created card or another payment method. You must provide your shipping or delivery address, and the CVV code is required when paying for the order.

Q 2. What payment method do you accept?

The qualibids.com accepts the following payment methods for the convenience of its consumers  or buyers:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Wallet on the internet
  • PayPal

Other payment methods are also available.

Keep in mind: qualibids.com is expanding its payment option to make easily place your order.

Q 3. What if your prescription medicine isn’t listed on our website?

Qualibids.com stocks a wide variety of medications. Unfortunately, you may see a lot of work where we don’t have the medicine you require. In such a case, you should contact our customer service representative via email.
You can also contact our customer service team; we will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of the availability of your requested medication.

Q4.  How will you know whether or not my order has shipped?

You will receive an email confirmation when you place your order, and it is approved. You will receive a tracking ID, password, and tracking information for your shipment via mail.

When the status of your order is IN Transit, It means that we have shipped it. Please get in touch with our customer service team if you require additional information after your orders have been delivered. You will need to provide some information to our customer service representative.

Q5. Do You sell generic medication, and how are they secure?

Yes, both brand-name and generic medications are available from qualibids.com. Every generic drug on our website was obtained from a reliable manufacturer. All of the medicines are safe and effective.

We concentrate solely on the medication’s strength, quality, and potency. As a  result, they are risk-free.

Q6. Why are generic drugs less expensive?

Generic medications are less expensive because they are less hazardous. Because generic medicines may not contain the same active ingredient and ingredients as brand-name ones, they are less expensive.

Q7. Why Do the product I received and the picture I took for our website appear similar?

We make every effort despite our best effort, not every product image on our website. It corresponds precisely to the original medicine you receive. The product’s color may sometimes differ from the color displayed on the screens.

Perhaps the screen settings on your computer screen are different; as a result, the color of the product image may differ slightly/. We cannot guarantee that the product image accurately represents the actual item.

Please remember that our website’s image is only for illustration purposes.

Q8. How do we provide a discount, and can you safely use the banking option?

We provide various payment options for saving money on your prescription medication on any generic drug. Here consumers can save a lot of money by purchasing their prescription medicine from qualibids.com; your saving will grow.

In addition, we have provided a special discount to returning customers. Aside from that, qualibids.com a significant discount on any specific session or occasion. Using a credit or debit card to pay on our website is also safe and secure.

Q9. What security guidelines of qualibids.com?

We are very strict with our security guidelines: you can be completely confident with our services. All your personal and vital information will be kept private, including your name, address, phone number, email address, and payment information.

We never disclose our customer’s personal information to third practices or businesses. Our customer service executive only uses this information to place the order.

We employ cutting-edge electronic security features to prevent unauthorized access to your data. You can read our website’s “Terms and Conditions” for more information on the security on the security guidelines.

Q10. Can I cancel my order and change my shipping address after I place it?

Be aware that we cannot cancel an order that has already been shipped; however, if your order is still in the shipping process, you can cancel it at any time by sending us an email.

We cannot change the shipping address if your order has already shipped. However, you can change the shipping address before we ship. We can deliver your order to the new location, in this case, You should see more information or contact our customer support executive for more details.

Q11. What method will you use to pack my order?

To ensure the safety of your order, qualibids.com pays close attention and handles packages containing the comments of your order with extreme caution. We pack it in heavy cardboard boxes with factory-sealed blister packs, and Human hands have never touched your package.